ACA Conference 2018

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development includes education as one of its key priorities and stresses the need to ensure inclusive, equitable and high-quality education for all. To this end, there is increasing momentum behind the idea that curriculum represents a powerful lever for education reform to improve learning outcomes. Challenges facing curriculum development and implementation at all levels of education has been a major concern for many countries around the world and African countries are no exception. ACA therefore thought it necessary to create a platform through its yearly conferences where policy decision makers, practitioners and program implementing organisations interact with researchers to drive evidence-based curriculum design and implementation decisions to achieve better learning outcomes.

ACA Conference 2018

The first conference of the African Curriculum Association (ACA) took place in Entebbe, Uganda from 28th to 31st May 2018 at the beautiful Golf View Hotel Entebbe. The conference attracted 140 delegates from 16 countries majority of whom were from the African continent. The countries represented at the conference include Ghana, Madagascar, USA, Zimbabwe, South Sudan, Namibia, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia (African Union), Zambia, Malawi and Uganda the host. The conference was attended by 40.9% female and 59.1% male participants. This implies that more male participants took the opportunity to attend but the female participants contributed equally as their male counterparts. Around 68 papers, presentations and other documents were shared during the conference. The conference was declared very successful by the majority of the participants. Click here to download the report of the conference.

Click on any of the link below to download the documents presented during the conference. Due to the big number of documents (68), they are organised in four parts. Click on each part to download the compressed folder:

ACA 2018 Downloads

Click on any of the link below to download the documents presented during the conference.

 ACA Papers and Presentation: Part I

ACA Papers and Presentation: Part 2

ACA Papers and Presentation: Part 3

ACA Papers and Presentation: Part 4