ACA Conference 2020

Start time January 30, 2021
Finished Time February 19, 2021 23:00
Address Gambia

ACA Conference 2020
We are excited to announce the 2020 ACA International Conference to be held in Gambia from 27th -30th May in Collaboration with Curriculum Research, Evaluation and Development Directorate (CREDD) of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Banjul, in Gambia. The African Curriculum Association and its partners are calling on all education enthusiasts across the African continent; curriculum experts, policy decision makers, practitioners, program implementing organisations, organisations promoting teaching and learning innovations, education technology societies, etc. to join its upcoming 3rd International Conference in Gambia, 2020 under the theme: “Education Technology and the Alignment of School Curriculum, Teacher Education and Learning Assessment”.

Objectives of the Conference

  1. To develop a common understanding of how the mismatch between school curriculum, teacher education   and    learning assessment impact on the quality of education.
  2. To explore the potential of technology and innovation in enhancing curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation.
  3. To recommend actions on the application of technology in facilitating the process of aligning school curriculum, teacher education and leaning assessment in Africa.

       Theme of the Conference

       Education Technology and the Alignment of School Curriculum, Teacher Education and Learning


Sub-Themes 1: School Curriculum

1.1       Innovations in school curriculum development, implementation and evaluation

1.2       Technology and curriculum

1.3       Innovations in assessment of, and for learning

1.4       Alignment between school curriculum, teacher education and learning assessment

1.5       Curriculum enrichment/innovations in relation to contemporary issues, such as development of:

  1.  Life and livelihood skills,
  2.  Language and culture
  3.  Global citizenship
  4.  Good governance
  5.  Cyber security
  6.  Peace building & conflict resolution
  7. Curbing irregular migration
  8. African languages in cyber space
  9. Human trafficking
  10. Substance abuse

Sub- Theme 2: Teacher Education and Training

2.1       Initiatives in Teacher education curriculum development, implementation and evaluation

2.2       Technology and teacher education and training

2.3       Innovations in teacher education

 Sub-Theme 3: Learning Assessment

3.1       Situation of assessment in Africa

3.2       Innovations in assessment of, and for learning

3.3       Application of digital technology in assessment

3.4       Alignment between Assessment and school curriculum

Submission of Abstracts and Full Papers

Writers are advised to submit no more than two paper abstracts of not more than one page before or by the 25 January 2020. The abstracts must be in English or French or any other African Union language. The abstract should be carefully checked for grammar and spelling mistakes, addressing one or two of the conference themes. Papers should not have been submitted to any other conference or published in any other journal before. Originality and contribution to the body of knowledge should be the driving factor. Writers are advised to conduct a self-plagiarism test before submission. Papers that contain any kind of plagiarism will not be accepted.
The structure of the abstract for uniformity in presentation will include: Aim/purpose, objectives, methodology, findings, implications/limitations and key words.
All abstracts should not be more than one page in length or 250 words. All papers must be submitted through the online submission platform. After the paper submission has been successfully completed, writers will receive a confirmation e-mail.