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The idea of creating the African Curriculum Association (ACA) was born during a Regional Seminar on “Advanced Training in Systematic Curriculum Development and Evaluation” that took place in Ghana in 1975 and the approval of its creation by Ministers of Education of the Organisation of the African Union (OAU) ‘s Member States happened during the Conference of Ministers of Education in 1976 in Nigeria. ACA was created with the aim to make it an umbrella which brings together all curriculum practitioners in Africa and some affiliated members from European countries.



The National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) in Uganda is spearheading the process of reviving ACA with an intention to:


Assist member countries to minimize inconsistences in curriculum and strengthen their national curriculum centers through best international practices.


Minimize inconsistency in curriculum delivery and maintain standards comparable to international standards.


Organise and/or facilitate joint training programs, workshops, seminars and regular meetings on curriculum materials development and evaluation among curriculum development centers.


Promote production and exchange of curriculum materials among curriculum development centers across the continent.


Encourage and promote joint curriculum research programs as well as the exchange of research information.


Set up task forces to carry out specific projects in curriculum development and research.


Provide opportunities for the exchange programs between curriculum specialists and personnel between centers.


Establish a working relationship with other clusters at African union.